Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stop In The Name of Love

                                                        Stop In The Name of Love
                                                                    6x6 oil  100.
This is the revised edition of the photo of this painting which has a lot more blue in it and is truer to the actual color than the photo I had previously posted here.  Maybe I should have retitled it as - Love Is Blind!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Couples Series

                                                                    6x6 oil 150.
I tried to publish this one for Valentine's Day but somehow it didn't show up yesterday. I was trying to stretch my imagination for different types of subjects for the couple series.  This one came easily since the candy was right there in front of me. I liked the glow that the silver one took on from being next to the red. Reminded me of a blush.

Another Couple

                                                       Stop In The Name Of Love
                                                                   6x6 oil  150.

Another small painting from the couple series. The color on this piece is showing as a little more sepia in it than there actually is in this photo.  The original piece has more blues in the shadows and background. I will post it again after I tweak it on i photo.  Fun subject to paint!

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