Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Siamese Stroll

5x7 oil on panel
I recently returned from a painting trip to Tuscany where I stayed on a farm for a week.
There were many cats roaming about  (probably good hunting) and this was one
of the two Siamese  among them.  Their coloring is so beautiful I had to paint this one.
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  1. I think this painting is wonderful! What a refreshing idea to show the cat walking away. I love all the colors used in the depiction of the cat and brushwork. Nice job.

  2. Excellent portrayal of this cat. You captured his body and movement perfectly. Terrific job!

  3. Love this idea. The cat walking away reminds me of the indifferent nature of cats. Your paint application really says "fur". Awesome.

  4. You captured this little Siamese cat's gait as if he is on a mission. Very nice.

  5. Where to begin about this painting???? The gesture of the kitty, sure. but I love the way he/she is almost defined by his dark points - the background is (bravely) the same color as the cat - genius!

  6. wow, those are really nice comments. I was thinking of the contrast being mostly at his dark points to emphasize his stride, they are so graceful looking.


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